Whitesands School Admission Policy


Whitesands School is a secondary school for boys, open to students of all backgrounds. The Catholic ethos influences all aspects of school life and is underpinned by the Whitesands School Educational Philosophy which emphasizes all-round formation, personalized attention and the important role that parents have to play as the first educators of their children.  The criteria for admission into the school include the following:

1. Entrance Examination results

2. Past academic performance of the student (two preceding years)

3. Interview with the candidate

4. Interview with the parents

5. Recommendation(s) from referee(s)

Subject to the availability of places, boys are accepted as long as they are able to take full advantage of the education offered and their parents are in agreement or at least in sympathy, with the aims and existing operations of the school. Parents of prospective pupils must want their son to be educated in a school that has a clear moral, spiritual and religious foundation. On this condition applicants are welcome from all backgrounds, not discriminating on the basis of race, language, creed or economic position. 


Candidates are required to follow and complete each of the following steps in the admission process:

1. Fill up the online application form

2.    Payment of application fee and submission of documents to the Admissions Office

3.    Main entrance examination

4.    Aptitude test and interview of each candidate

5.    Interview of parents

6.    Payment of Development Levy to Ikota Educational Foundation

7.    Participation of parents in a Family Enrichment Programme (FEP)

8.    Payment of the school fees for the First Term


Candidates should be at least 10 years old before 1st September, the beginning of the academic session, to be eligible for admission into JS1 of that academic session. By extension, the same age requirement applies to transfer students: 11, 12 and 13 years old for incoming JS2, JS3 and SS1 respectively.


It is preferable that the candidate for JS1 is currently in Primary 6 by the time of the entrance exam, although some Primary 5 candidates who performed very well may be admitted.  Candidates who are currently in Primary 4 are not allowed to proceed in the admission process to JS1.


Candidates will do a written examination set by the Whitesands School, on subjects that are decided by the admissions committee.  Other forms of evaluation instruments may be used by the school. Other forms of evaluation will be implemented by the school to conform to the restrictions posed by the present Covid-19 pandemic.


The interview with the parents of candidates is an integral part of the admission process. This interview has the form of an exchange-of-notes conversation aimed at knowing the suitability of the family to the school philosophy.  Parents of successful candidates are invited to proceed to the next stage where they are given an offer of admission. Note that the offer of admission is given to more candidates than available places; therefore admission is on first-come-first-served basis.


Offer of admission is accepted by fulfilling the following conditions: 1) payment of the development levy, 2) payment of the fees of the First Term of the incoming session, and 3) successful completion of the Family Enrichment Programme by the parents. The admission process ends once the number of available places is filled.


Whitesands School reserves the right to refuse entry to any applicant if, in the opinion of the Management Team, the school does not meet the educational needs of the applicant concerned.


All information obtained by the School on the candidate and his family during the admission process will be handled with a high degree of confidentiality. The school reserves the right not to disclose, in whole or in part, the result of any stage of the admission process.