Advisory System

The Advisory system is a special feature of Whitesands School. Each student is assigned an Advisor with whom he will regularly discuss personal and academic problems and progress. The ultimate aim of the Advisory system is to enable every student to achieve their potential in all areas of life through these personal meetings.

The Advisor assists the student to form concrete resolutions in areas in which improvement is needed. In this role, Advisors strive to help parents in the upbringing of their sons. It is therefore important that parents should stay in touch with their son’s Advisor to discuss ways in which the Advisor can help their son develop.

Emphasis is placed on guiding each student to think independently and develop the balance skills they will need as adults. Through friendship with students, advisors provide an effective personal example, guidance and advice. It helps students develop positive habits and qualities in character building, such as responsibility, good use of time, thoughtfulness, and generosity.  In the long run, young people will benefit greatly. It improves the quality of his personality, he learns to look at problems more objectively, and learns to handle his strengths and weaknesses better.