Who Are the Parents of Whitesands School?

Based on our educational philosophy, we hold that parents play an integral role in the education of their children. We firmly believe that parents are the primary educators and that this responsibility cannot be outsourced. Whitesands parents share the following fundamental beliefs:

1. Parents are the primary educators of their children.
2. Comprehensive development should include virtues and values inspired by Christian ideals that are actively and consistently pursued.
3. Freedom and responsibility must coexist in a life of service to God, country, and others, particularly the less fortunate.

Parents who join Whitesands do so with the conviction that a high-quality, personalized education, as provided by the school, can be achieved when both the family and the school share common educational values and principles, working in harmony through home-school collaboration.

The school hosts parenting classes and seminars, promotes family involvement in their children’s education, encourages collaboration between families and the school, and coordinates a variety of family-friendly activities.

Parents are required to complete a Pre-Adolescence Family Enrichment Programme (pFEP) before enrolling their children in our school if the incoming student is in the Junior School. Following that, parents attend the Adolescence Family Enrichment Programme (aFEP) just before their child enters Senior School.

There are numerous opportunities for interaction between the school and parents. Throughout the school year, both mothers and fathers are encouraged to schedule Parents’ Advisory meetings with their son’s advisor, which typically take place on the school grounds during regular school hours. These advisory meetings are a great way for parents to learn about their child’s progress in the Advisory System. Furthermore, they give parents firsthand knowledge of the school environment and its operations.

The school authorities view regular attendance of parents at these termly meetings as a meaningful gauge of parents’ commitment to our educational philosophy. The school has received numerous testimonials from parents who have greatly benefited from these meetings over the years.