Whitesands Staff

Whitesands School takes great care in assembling a remarkable team of professionals who bring their extensive experience and unwavering commitment to passionately oversee the school and its activities.

Our educational philosophy stands out through our dedication to continuous learning, collaborative teamwork, the incorporation of innovative teaching methods, and active engagement in the ever-evolving landscape of education. Our educators play a pivotal role in our educational mission, serving not only as examples of professionalism and dedication but also as inspirational role models who instill their values in our students.


At Whitesands, we make no distinction between academic and non-academic staff, a practice that differs from many other educational institutions in Nigeria. We view the contributions of all staff members as vital to the school’s success in embodying the principles of our educational philosophy. All staff members are educators.


As a result, the prevailing culture that permeates the working environment at Whitesands School can be summarized in the following key points:


  1. Christian Identity: Emphasizing Christian and Human Virtues and a profound respect for Human Dignity.
  2. Can-Do Mentality: Fostering optimism, cheerfulness, and prudence in conducting our affairs.
  3. Mutual Trust and Teamwork: Promoting unity, solidarity, and collegiality among all team members.
  4. Institutional Temperance: – Practising Christian poverty and responsible stewardship of material resources.
  5. Equity: – Prioritizing justice in every circumstance over mere equality.
  6. Freedom and Responsibility – Upholding the principle of subsidiarity and respecting the chain of command.
  7. Love for Work Well Done: Demonstrating professionalism, competence, and a commitment to excellence.


Our staff members are educational leaders who take immense pride in their profession. They pursue excellence by consistently excelling in their roles and actively seeking opportunities for ongoing professional growth. They participate in further studies and attend faculty development seminars, both within Whitesands and at other universities and venues.


Each staff member is recognized as an authority in their respective field, striving for the highest level of professional competence as both educators and subject matter experts. They prioritize continuous personal development and inspire students to achieve higher levels of success.


Every member of the Whitesands staff is attuned to the unique needs of our students, applying pedagogical practices tailored to the specific circumstances of each student’s development.


In alignment with the school’s philosophy and goals, staff members adhere to Whitesands’ rules and work diligently towards realizing the school’s vision and mission. They actively seek opportunities for spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of the teachings of the Catholic Church.


They serve as models of virtue, cultivating their spiritual lives and maintaining a cheerful disposition. They deeply value the nobility of their work and teach through the consistency of their own lives. The teachers at Whitesands are fully dedicated to their profession and recognise that their example significantly contributes to the school’s success.


During interactions with their students, they demonstrate genuine concern and empathy, particularly during mentoring sessions. They find creative ways to make learning an enjoyable experience and consistently display loyalty to the school. They also actively engage in effective home-school collaboration through periodic meetings with parents.


The administrative staff plays a pivotal role in supporting teachers and administrators in the operation of the school and the provision of education to students. Recognizing the critical nature of their role, Whitesands is committed to providing training and development opportunities to the administrative staff, enabling them to become respected professionals and exemplars of excellence in their service.