Doctrinal & Spiritual Formation

Doctrinal Formation

Spiritual formation in Whitesands is education in faith and formation in the life of faith. Without faith, the classes on CRS do not make sense. Without the right disposition to faith Whitesands education would just be reduced to mere schooling. The spiritual means of formation in Whitesands are carried out with the utmost fidelity to Catholic Church teachings. The lay spirituality is shown in the promotion of sanctification of ordinary work.



Spiritual Direction

This is the regular, friendly conversation with the chaplain (spiritual director) of the school, which is extra-sacramental and extra-academic in character. It helps you to acquire a real Christian formation and grow in spiritual maturity. It helps you to know yourself better—your strengths, good qualities as well as your weaknesses and defects. Without true self-knowledge, it is not possible to struggle effectively.

Pride, laziness, sensuality, and other passions that are more manifest in adolescence tend to deform reality. It is necessary to know the truth clearly, taking advantage of the help of an unbiased external observer. The role of the priest is to help you look at events and issues with maturity and wisdom.

Students may approach the priest anytime during class hours for spiritual direction, observing, of course, the proper priority of things. Parents (specifically the fathers) may also come to see the priest.


Meditation/Talks on Morals

Every week there is a period dedicated to either a meditation directed by the priest of the school or a talk on morals given by selected staff of the school. The meditation is held in the school chapel. The meditation is a personal conversation (prayer) with Our Lord, directed by the priest, who does his own prayer aloud, aided by specific considerations from the gospel. The participants take advantage of the things mentioned by the priest to do their own personal prayer.

There is a complete list of topics for talks given every two weeks. The topics cover virtues, morals, study techniques, and other developmental issues relevant to the age group of the class members.


Mass/Study Period

Part of the school timetable is a period in the mid-morning of a school day, dedicated to Holy Mass for those students who may wish to attend. Those students who opt not to go to mass should remain in their classroom studying.